I'm alive!! Yes the shop is still open (technically) No I have not vanished. The good and bad news is as follows, the bad first. I had a routine filling that ending up with me being admitted to hospital! I know.. no one has as much bad luck as me. So after a few treatments, lots of antibiotics I'm on the mend and working as hard as I can but alas I am most of two weeks behind but I am catching up as fast I as possibly can. I am truely sorry for any delays, it's really hard running a one woman show, when something goes wrong you've got no back up.

I won't be taking on new orders right away (unless you bribe me with cupcakes) as I'm just focusing on existing ones right now. I have to revise the prices on the site and add in an additional 60+ colours and change some of the features so they actually work again... *grumble grumble* bloody online form *grumble* I'm also going to use this time to develop a few new ideas such as more wigs and accessories for the brand. In the meantime PLEASE contact me with new ideas as I can add you to the waiting list and make sure your orders are an immediate priority when I open up again. I will update the site weekly adding in new features as I develop them. Sign up the newsletter for more info!